Chief Justice John Roberts is proving, once and for all, that he’s a liberal. Appointed by George W Bush, Roberts pretended to be a conservative for years, ruling alongside them on most issues. When it mattered, however, his lefty side came through.

Roberts voted to keep Obamacare. He voted to legalize Gay Marriage. He voted to allow mail-in ballots for the 2020 election. In every way, he’s just another liberal. The 89 percent of the time he voted along conservative lines was all just a ploy.

According to Assistant Chief Clerk-Magistrate of the Court, Joe Barron, Roberts is considered centrist by the official court committee on courts and redundancies and that he is typically referred to as somewhat in the middle.

According to his own statement, Roberts says he has no choice but to leave the court, as “the conservative side of the building seems to have forgotten what judicial integrity means.”

The five super-conservative justices released a joint statement supporting Donald Trump and implying that they’ll basically give him whatever he wants if he just comes home.

God bless America.



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