Parents are furious after their children were left crying and confused at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida. During a “pride” parade, which was just their regular parade covered in rainbows, Disney characters interacted with the crowd, urging them to “be gay.”

“Be gay, kids,” shouted Cinderella, “It’s a wonderful world when you just love everyone.” Ariel then jumped in and corrected her by saying, “Cin…that’s not what gay is. That’s pansexual! And that’s okay, too!!!” The other characters then began arguing over what was called what, and a fierce pronoun battle ensued.

All the while, children were left wondering what was happening, and they couldn’t turn to Mickey and Minnie for guidance, because there were two of each, and they were all holding hands and wearing shirts that say “Proud to be Polyamorous.”

Several parents took their children and left the park demanding a full refund. Disney Spokesman, Milton James, says CEO Joe Barron gave park attendants the ability to refund “undesirables” and escort them out. “Our hope is, they fuck off and don’t come back,” the woke Barron said on a hot mic just last week, “I hate those stupid fucks.”

That’s exactly why we won’t go anymore, patriots, arrogance on that level should not be celebrated or paid for. Although, if you go and enjoy a whole day and then complain an hour before closing, chances are they’ll hand you some cash to avoid the scene you’ll inevitably make. America is paying attention, Disney. Watch your back.



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