Chris Wallace isn’t enjoying his new job at CNN, according to our source inside the company. Wallace, who enjoys a latte most days between 11 and 12 in the CNN cafeteria, was overheard telling his wife that he hated CNN because it’s “the most racist place he’s ever worked.

The source, a worker at the cafeteria who does the coffee machines from 10 to 3 and wishes to remain anonymous, says there’s no way he misheard what Wallace said:

“He said Don Lemon walks around all day yelling at people about slavery, and that Wold Blitzer hates Jewish people. Then he asked for a cheeseburger with mushrooms like that’s a thing you’d get in the coffee line.”

A liberal source known for releasing breaking news also dropped the bombshell on Twitter:

There you have it, patriot, from credible, verified sources. Chris Wallace said CNN is racist. Now that the internet knows, he’ll never be able to un-say it.

CNN says it has no idea what Wallace is talking about and assured us that the coffee station kid likes to make things up to impress his girlfriend, who is apparently who called us. So we’re not recanting or anything, patriots, but take it for it’s worth at least.

God bless America.

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