As the Ghislaine Maxwell case pushes forward, we learn more and more about the shameless men who took his nasty plane to that awful island where pedo rituals were common and girls were sold into slavery.

Today, we add the name Chuck Schumer to the list. Schumer, who denies having ever met Epstein, let alone spent any time with him, says he has never met Epstein, let alone spent any time with him:

“I don’t care what some satire article on Facebook says. I’ve never met the man. I don’t know why they’re targeting me. Maybe they just like to make stuff up.”

After some careful research, we found that we do, in fact, tend to make a lot of things up. Actually, we make it all up, but that’s neither here nor there.

The truth remains the truth, and whether or not Chuck Schumer went to Pedo Island is probably not true but certainly is news.

Tuesdays are tough. You try to come up with things the wink-wink nod-nod audience will get, then you just end up giving up, because you know no tater read past the second paragraph before they clicked away in a “Do you think Joe Biden is doing a good job” ad.

Anyway, patriots. I hit the 200 words. God Bless America.

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