Climate activist Greta Thunberg, the young advocate whose passionate plea “How dare you!” resonated with the left, is now facing legal issues in Norway, accused of defrauding the state university’s research department of millions of francs.

Johan Barronsen, the department’s head, expressed his astonishment, stating, “We were taken aback by her actions. Our relationship was strong, and I had no inkling of this.” Barronsen revealed that Thunberg had received a full scholarship to the university as an alternative to her enrollment at Stockholm University in Denmark, which initially brought them great joy. However, they are now deeply disheartened by her alleged deceit.

According to authorities, Thunberg allegedly coerced several students in the computer lab into running a scheme that siphoned a small fraction of a cent from every transaction in Sweden over a seven-month period. Barronsen mused, “We’re not certain why she targeted Sweden, perhaps her affinity for their cheese.”

Oddly, Thunberg is to be extradited to Romania, with unclear reasoning, where she will assist investigators in the prosecution of Andrew Tate.

Subsequently, she will be transported to Istanbul to face charges related to her actions against the people of Cameroon.

Thunberg’s lawyer, Ryan J Fish of Williams, Vanden, and Boom, expressed uncertainty about her whereabouts in the coming week, but believes that she is unlikely to face charges in any of the mentioned countries.

Following a brief investigation, our team has concluded that the entire story appears to lack credibility. Nonetheless, it is essential to remain hopeful and refrain from wishing ill upon those with differing viewpoints.

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