A new report from ALLOD says the Clinton Foundation owns more than half of the shares of that baby formula company liberals are talking about. There had to be a reason for the shortage, and it had to be the Democrats, and everyone knew it.

Our sources say the CCP most likely owns the other half, meaning you know the Bidens are somehow involved. The US Justice Department, bound by USC 6 Title 908 ss. 1286 to investigate the matter, seems to have forgotten its constitutionally-required duty to do so.

Evidence of the Clinton crimes is currently being investigated by specialists at the New York Post, who broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, which may one day provide some insight into some of the things. We asked the White House for a response but got none.


Not to worry, patriots. Scott Baio is okay.



Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki refuses to answer our calls or go on a date with me. Her office claims the stories we run are ridiculous and that the restraining order is still in place.

That just goes to show you, patriots, that it’s not always about the quality of the journalism, but whether or not you hope it’s true. In this case, the truth is painful, but it could lead to the arrest and conviction of people we disagree with if Trump gets into office and never leaves, which is what MAGAmericans want.



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