Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez may think she knows what she’s talking about, but sometimes, she just doesn’t. The clueless former bartender made a statement on the House floor that was so silly, even some of her own party laughed out loud. AOC was on a roll talking about gun violence, and then she added this:

“And the other thing Americans should consider is how much gun sales add to inflation. They have to keep their prices low so all the assault rifle manufacturers can keep selling guns to mass murderers so they jack the prices up on everything else, causing inflation.”

That’s not how inflation works, congresswoman. Inflation happens when Joe Biden raises gas prices and stops all the drilling. Then he gives everyone free money and they boost interest rates and make everything too expensive to own. Most Americans don’t understand those basics.

AOC says Congress should act to shut down gun sales before the ultimate cost in inflationary spending ruins the economy. We reached out for clarification, but her spokesman, Joe Barron, was less than helpful.

“The congresswoman respectfully requests that if you insist on making things up, you don’t ask her to verify them,” Barron said with contempt, “it’s not our responsibility to provide you hacks with better material.”

They just get more belligerent as time goes on, patriots. At this point, is it even worth asking for comments?


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