MTV, the division of CBS that owns and operates Country Music Television (CMT) has stepped in and made it clear that the network doesn’t allow censorship without good reason.

“We only censor the harshest of material,” said Program Director Joe Barron, “we run rap on Club MTV all night long.”

Barron said the decision to reinstate the video came directly from the CEO’s office. “Art Tubolls himself asked for the ban to be lifted,” said Barron, “he’s the guy who runs both networks.”

CMT’s Managing Director Trish Blake said, “I don’t get it,” when asked what she thought about the decision. CBS says her contract will likely not be renewed in 2024.

Barron says he looks forward to seeing people flock back to the network, which is more of a little side gig that does reruns of Jeff Durham, cheesy barbeque shows, and reality TV until about midnight when it unleashes the big video hits of the day.

“CMT has a very particular audience,” said Barron, “they tend to cancel things in the name of not canceling things and then not actually canceling that thing enough for it to actually matter. These stories always work out great, though. ALLOD’s version of CMT is hurting really bad right now.”

That’s because boycotts work, patriots. keep up the great work and God Bless America.

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