CMT made the biggest mistake imaginable when it decided to cut Jason Aldean’s hit new song “Try That in a Small Town” from its video roles.

That’s because the network’s audience, primarily small-town country listeners, called for an immediate and complete boycott. Major stars like Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Morgan Wallen, and even Hank Williams Jr pulled their material, sending CMT’s programming cycle into a tailspin.

“Ratings are down more than 70 percent,” said Paramount CEO Joe Barron, “that’s not sustainable. Either they need to figure out a way to get the audience back, or there won’t be a CMT much longer.”

Barron says the genre could easily be incorporated into the MTV lineup if things don’t turn around.

ALLOD correspondent Skip Tetheludah reached out to Jason Aldean to see how he feels about all this attention. “Well,” he said, “you’d have to talk to my marketing director about that. He’s the one who said, ‘screw pickup trucks and tight blue jeans, Jason. Go for the gold. Hit the MAGA crowd in the back of the head with something simple. Make sure it’s controversial enough for the libs to hate it. He was right. Hate’s coattails are cozy and warm.”

Aldean says he’s grateful to CMT for taking all of the fictitious heat from the social media culture wars. “They’ve lost a lot of good artists,” he chuckled, “Did you know there’s actually a country singer from El Paso named Joe Barron?”

That tracks, patriots, since there’s someone with that name virtually everywhere we go. God Bless America.

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