CNN has purchased the liberal loonfest “The View” for $1.6 billion. Entertainment Director Art Tubolls says the show has huge potential with some “major changes.”

“The View is great,” said Tubolls, “but it isn’t quite there yet. First and foremost, they need to stop putting a conservative on the p[anel. Nobody wants to hear them spew their hateful crap.”

Since its inception, The View has included a conservative voice. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the first, of course, and by far the prettiest. Most recently it was Megan McCain, who’s father was a traitor to the party. Tubolls says the days of fairness on the show are over.

They’re also considering some other major changes. Tubolls says the creative team would benefit from some “more liberal” segments. He says while the panel is lively and sometimes even controversial, it tends to lose the left, which is CNN’s only audience.

The new creative team will be led by actor Jessie Smollet, who has already said there will be a segment focused on hate crimes, as well as no fewer than 15 minutes per show devoted to “showcasing gun violence.”

Smollet says his team is also considering a segment of Trump “bloopers” and another of live abortion parties as they happen. Basically, he’s turning this thing into the Marx hour. Which makes total sense. Somehow.

Well, patriots, that seals the deal for this guy. I do not want to watch a show like that, so I shall, heretofore, never, ever, in any way, watch The View. Nor do I endorse it.

Sorry, ladies. God bless America.


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