It didn’t take long for CNN to figure out that hiring Chris Wallace was a big mistake. The former Fox Newsman has a reputation of being combative, something his new streaming service thought would be a good thing.

They thought wrong. Wallace was an absolute nightmare from the start.

Wallace started fights with every single guest on his show in some kind of attempt to seem like a hardcore journalist. He snapped at a woman for calling WWII soldiers racist, which was the final nail in his CNN coffin. The woman he talked back to, unfortunately, was black.

According to Program Director Chris “Bus” Tatroll, CNN personalities aren’t allowed to question racism at all. “He can’t just call a black woman wrong on live TV,” said Tatroll, “It’s just not what we do here.”

Wallace’s ratings were also terrible. He had the worst showing of any new show in television history. CNN pointed out that Wallace isn’t on TV, he’s streaming, and that cable television is for outdated Boomers.

Once again, CNN fails to understand America. Wallace has few options left now, and will probably just set himself out to pasture with liar Brian Williams and fake newser Dan Rather. That’s really where he belongs.


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