Sources at Mar a Lago confirm that former President Donald Trump laughed at CNN’s offer to settle defamation claims for $10 million. According to Joe Barron, the President’s personal bodyguard, Trump laughed so hard he almost “pulled a muscle.”

“The president doesn’t get out of bed for under $100 million,” said Barron, “this is just an attempt by CNN to downplay the severity of the claim. The network says Trump lied about the election fraud he so fervently discusses.

While the courts, state election officials, and the American people largely disagree with Trump’s allegations of election naughtiness, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. No fewer than 11 people have been charged with interference of some sort, and several of them were Democrats.

That’s enough proof that there should just be a revote. If 11 people can game the system, then anyone can. It’s just common sense. Republican legislatures have been saying this for years, fueling calls among some to return this sham of a “democracy” back to a constitutional republic as the 10th Amendment says.

At any rate, Trump won’t be entertaining any offers from CNN. He’d rather be on tv in court telling the truth than sitting around making statements on Truth Social.

God bless President Trump. And God bless America.


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