You may remember some years ago when a brave group of rebels standing up for their rights occupied the Malheur Sanctuary in Oregon to protest unfair land grabbing practices by the Obama government.  They were rewarded with organized mobs of twisted liberal trolls mailing them packages of sexually explicit mechanisms.

Maybe someone should have made a suit of dildo armor, ya think?

Well, that same disgusting liberal sense of “humor” is at it again, in the form of dozens of coffins being anonymously shipped to Medal of Honor recipient and right wing bloviator Rush Limbaugh.  Investigators contacted by the radio host assume the shipments reference the targeted man’s public battle with cancer.

Through secret journalistic sources, we contacted one so-called “troll” who calls himself “Joe Barron”, and asked him why his mischief mates chose Limbaugh as a target.

“He deserves it, basically for all the hate and fear and lies he’s spread in the world.  All the normal minds he’s twisted into illness.  Is it funny?  In a way.  I’ve had loved ones battling cancer.  I’m sure nearly everyone has.  Cancer is not funny.  Not at all.  But Rush is literally a special case.  He’s the one person we’d actually be better off without in that fight.  No one will bat an eye.  Yeah, so we had him sent a few hints.  Maybe we just want him to be comfortable when he goes.  I don’t see any of his dittohead fans sending him anything even near as useful.  We’re not in a hurry.  No rush.  Ha!  Get it?”

We wouldn’t want him to end up all sad like that lion. Simbaugh. Hahahahahahah!

I don’t think anyone will disagree that these trolls are disgusting and vile I’m their childish attempts at personal attacks.  It’s really all they have left when President Trump is winning the war against their socialist ways.  I just hope that when he does, good old Rush is still around to see it and light up a Cuban stogie.

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