Ex-San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick had a new contract, this time with The Walt Disney Company. The news of the relationship comes as the country is in turmoil over race relations. Disney thinks they can pull one over us by hiring Kaepernick, who was fired for kneeling for our National Anthem.

Kaepernick is a controversial choice for sure, and America let them know about it!

Kaepernick was fired before the first show even aired he had demands that were just too much for Disney, like no Caucasian children, Black Panthers on the set at all times, and militant Black Lives Matter themed programs.

It was just too much for Disney to take, especially with the anti-American content.

Walt Disney had jumped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, letting their viewers know that they stand with the movement. They are on a long list of companies that have joined with many liberal leftist groups when it comes to equality for all. This could be seen as pushing leftist propaganda on kids. There will be several angry conservatives over this for sure.

Disney Head Of Kids Programming, Joseph Barron said it’s where the viewers are heading.

“We are just giving the paying customers what they want.”

He then backtracked after Kapernick’s demands were made public.

“This is what people have been asking for, more diverse programming,” says Barron, who’s also advocating for any confederate imagery to be deleted off the old movies. “It’s a new day in America and a new day for Disney!” 

Brent Bozo, head of the Media Research Center and the Parents Television Council was beside himself in anger over the contract between Disney and Kapernick. He said this is exactly the kind of garbage he doesn’t want. If anyone should speak to children, it should be the very moral and Christian Donald Trump, he believes.

Bozo also doesn’t want anyone to think for themselves, he knows better than anyone. He’s human garbage like most Trump supporters are.

Clutch those pearls now.


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