Common Core, Barack Obama’s signature education legislation, is set to expire in 2024. Until then, it’s the law of the land, and what the Common Core Commission decides will be taught to children…will be taught to children. ALLOD has obtained the curriculum for 2022-2023, and all students, beginning in grade one, will learn critical race theory (CRT).

Not to worry. If you live in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, South Carolina, West Virginia, or New Hampshire, your children are safe from this obvious grooming.

CRT is known to be destructive to common, iconic narratives of a young, blossoming country that freed itself from tyranny and built the world’s greatest ever nation. Instead, it teaches that American settlers were monsters who destroyed the Native American culture, raped the countryside, stole their land, and build a monument to capitalism on the backs of slaves.

What kind of thing is that to teach children? Columbus discovered America. Period. Then we declared Independence, then we went to war with each other state’s rights, the Democrats formed the KKK, and here we are, 150 years later, staring racism in the face one more time.

Because that’s how racism works, folks. Any talk of race that makes standard, caucasian American Christian patriots uncomfortable is racist. It’s time we, the truly oppressed, took a drive around the neighborhood with our truck flags to remind everyone of a time when everything was perfect.

God Bless America.


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