Whoopi Goldberg is officially in contempt of court in Los Angeles for refusing to comply with a judge’s order. It’s been over a year since ABC settled its case with Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man acquitted of murder but still smeared on the network’s show “The View.”

Goldberg’s task was simple: Issue a formal apology for calling Rittenmhouse a murderer after a jury set him free, per the agreement. Whoopi says she wasn’t there for any such agreement and refuses to issue an apology based on her 1st Amendment rights.

Unfortunately for her, the 1st Amendment doesn’t protect her from the consequences of saying untrue things. Judge Joe Barron, who issued the ruling, says if she doesn’t comply, she’ll pay.

“Ms. Goldberg has until the close of business on the 7th to make this happen. Otherwise, she’s looking at $10K per day and the possibility of jail time.”

We reached out to Goldberg, who reluctantly replied after signing a waiver that we were never within 500 feet of her, explaining that she refuses to write an apology because she simply doesn’t have to. “This is one of those rare opportunities to use you idiots to my advantage,” said Goldberg, “That dumb story got more hits than our Honolulu special. No, I won’t apologize to the little murderer, because he’s a little murderer. Don’t like it, Kyle? Come and get some.”

It’s an interesting play. By refusing to acknowledge that the situation is real at all, does she still have to pay? Our answer is yes, patriots, because making liberals pay really is the best way to farm taters.

God bless America.

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