Former late-night talk show star Conan O’Brien gave a less-than-stellar review of Alyssa Milano, who he says was booked on his various shows a bunch of times throughout his career.

“All she does is cry,” said O’Brien, whose last episode on TV was in early 2020, “she came on way back when and started bawling about lobsters. She kept saying going to a New England clambake was like witnessing mass murder.”

Apparently, the second time the former Charmed star was on the Late Show couch, she broke down over George W. Bush and “all the innocent people he killed.” O’Brien says he tried to keep politics out of the show.

Longtime producer Joe Barron said he doesn’t really know why Conan was so turned off by her other than satirists running out of material to keep her name in the headlines because they’re secretly in love with her. That theory doesn’t fly with those who know her best, however. Various people on Facebook have all declared that she “should just leave America” because she’s so “hateful and rude.”

Are those people typically potatoes who pray this is true? That’s always a possibility, but does it really matter? Conan O’Brien, who nobody can remember hating, just threw shade at a name that works. It’s pure gold, patriots. God bless America.

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