Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-NY is calling for a new holiday.

The New York Democrat has drafted legislation to designate April 9th as Confederate Cancellation Day, as a way to celebrate the confederate army’s surrender to northern forces in 1865. April 9th, 1865 marked the end of the civil war when General Lee surrendered to the Army of Northern Virginia.

It is yet another slap in the face to Southern Americans who celebrate their confederate heritage. For a group of people who pretend to be victimized and offended by everything, they sure don’t mind trying to cancel proud American history like the confederacy.

The hypocrisy of these liberals is truly astounding and disgusting. Confederates were proud Americans fighting for their rights as Southerners.

Making fun of confederates and people who celebrate confederate heroes is the last accepted bigotry in America. The left has canceled everything else and now they’re trying to cancel the history of these brave heroes.

They don’t understand the pride of flying a rebel flag in front of your dilapidated trailer home with a lifted diesel truck that you can barely make payments on while your sister wife and the kids you barely can stand that you are Darla Lee have unfortunately created together with their crossed eyes go hungry mean to a real man.

Joe Barron, president of Confederate History Center, conveniently located in Frog Balls, Arkansas, situated between a Dollar General and a Waffle House can’t believe this latest attack from leftists on his heritage.

“My mommy’s daddy’s second cousin’s third uncle twice removed fought hard under that flag,” he cried, barely holding back the chaw that was being spat through a mouth that looked like a Jack-O’Lantern. 

“We proud of his accomplishments.”

When asked about this ancestor, he replied that he was killed in the battle of Walmart, 1987, when his rebel flag bandana covered his eyes and he fell off the roof of his trailer onto a running 1973 Ford Pick up.

Why these Neanderthals and nitwits are so in love with a part of history that A. They lost and B. Only lasted four years, all they could respond with is their “heritage.”

I mean if being on the losing side of history and being wrong about everything is something to be proud of, and mating with your sister is a rite of passage, I guess it’s pretty much all you’ve got. Nobody ever accused these people of being intelligent. But do they have to prove that???? Constantly????

God bless America!


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