Whoopi Goldberg’s latest suspension has been extended by a month after she made false claims about past guests of “The View.” In a segment of obvious triggered rage, Goldberg reiterated some of her most heinous lies.

“Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer,” she said, “and Kevin Sorbo touches himself in public.” Nobody really knows why she went after the “Hercules” actor other than he has differing political views.

“I call her names all the time,” said Sorbo, “but I never figured she’d be childish enough to do this.”

Goldberg’s eyes went particularly wide when she mentioned Roseanne Barr. “There’s a rumor that Roseanne is getting a new show opposite mine,” she screeched, “and that stupid bitch thinks she’s gonna ruin me. She has another think coming.”

Roseanne said she was way past lowering herself to Whoopi’s level. At a recent autograph signing event, she personalized a picture of herself grabbing her crotch after the National Anthem to Whoopi. “Can’t wait to see you around the morning shows, Love Roseanne,” she wrote.

And now, Whoopi can spend an extra month sitting and staring at Roseanne as she begins her new life dominating the ratings. Does anyone deserve it more than she does? God Bless America.

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