Dylan Mulvaney, the trans influencer who destroyed Bud Light, has lost a massive chunk of income. After a racist and bigoted tirade, Mulvaney was banned from TikTok for hate speech.

“We don’t allow racism against any people,” said Chairman of US Operations Joe Barron, “and we certainly don’t stand for bigotry. Dylan should know that better than anyone.”

The former internet star took to Instagram to beg fans for “enough funds to get by until I figure something out.” At last tally, the GoFundMe was at $1.2 million.

Bud Light, which will likely never recover from the fiasco, didn’t immediately respond for requests for comment.

“I don’t know what they’re so upset about,” said Mulvaney, “all I said was I was tired of these old white Boomer douchebags getting involved in my business.”

Unfortunately, according to the platform’s terms of service, calling people old, white, and Boomer could be considered an insult, considering that particular demographic tends to get frazzled pretty easily. “They like to cancel things while complaining about cancel culture,” said Barron, “and we have to respect their right to be stupid.”

Mulvaney’s Facebook pages and Instagram accounts have also gone dark. It’s likely that the former star has decided to just hang it up and retire. God Bless America.

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