Publicly, reality star Josh Duggar played the part of a wholesome, Christian American, poised to do great things and maybe even hold public office. He’s been seen hobnobbing with Republican powerhouses such as Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and even Donald Trump. He outwardly spoke of his pro-life ideals. Now, during an impassioned plea to give him a lighter sentence, Josh Duggar admitted to Judge Joe Barron, live in court, that he’s a registered Democrat.

“They have things you’re supposed to do when you’re a Republican,” said the molester, “you’re supposed to be righteous all the time, love America unconditionally, and never be an affront to God. I couldn’t do that, so I figured I should be a Democrat.”

Duggar says the switch had one purpose, other than finding children to groom in Democrat circles, and that was to be able to look God in the eye on judgment day and say, “even though I don’t understand these urges, I was honest. I took my punishment. And to prove I know I’m a monster, I’m also a registered leftist.”

The tactic may or may not work for the judge, who has to decide whether to give Duggar a light sentence or the maximum 20 years he has coming. Since he’s admitted he’s a Dem, throw the book at him.


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