Anheuser Busch Inbev has been the US distributor for some of the nation’s most popular imports for decades. In 2002, the company earned the exclusive right to brew and distribute Corona, the world’s third most popular beer.

After the recent fiasco with Bud Light, however, Corona’s parent company, Barron Tubolls LLC, sent notice to Inbev that they’d be seeking a new distributor.

“We’re not looking to be included in Bud Light’s boycotts,” said Chairman Joe Barron, “Corona is an established brand without any kind of tarnished reputation and we’d like to keep it that way.”

Corona was originally brewed by the ancient Aztecs before being stolen by the Incas and ultimately sold to the Mayans. Once in Mexico, the brew was destined to never leave. For more than 500 years, warriors, hunters, and farmers alike have been squeezing a lime into a cup of the golden delight.

“Corona did nothing wrong,.” said co-founder Art Tubolls, “we haven’t partnered with anyone, nor have we suggested using Yeti products to store our beverages. It makes no sense for us to continue this relationship.”

There are rumors that Coors will happily take on Corona at its main plant in Denver, which is capable of putting out more than enough of the Mexican brew for the entire country. God bless America.

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