Code enforcers in Forrest County, Alabama are using local laws, approved by the voters, to end Target’s assault on children in their area.

According to County Statute 420.3, no retail establishment open to the general public shall sell items deemed lewd or inappropriate for children. Target has an entire line dedicated to forcing little boys to look like little girls and plastering babies with rainbows.

“That means if they want to sell this sick stuff,” said County Commissioner Joe Barron, “They need to put it behind a counter until someone asks for it.”

Target called the action “ludicrous” and plans to not only have the store open within a few days but also to sue the county “into oblivion.”

Our legal expert says that Target will likely win, because typically, rainbows aren’t considered offensive to anyone but fragile douchebags. Providing transgender clothing that “tucks back” should make them happy, since that might stop the waves of young kids being mutilated by their parents for wokeness.

Even if that’s not actually a thing that’s happening, we should all be prepared for it just in case. The liberal agenda is coming for your children, one way or the other.

They may try to change their gender, neuter them completely, or — God forbid — turn them into a cat.

Something must be done, patriots. Before rainbows become acceptable everywhere. God Bless America.


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