World Health Organization Chief Immunologist, the renowned Dr. Art Tubolls announced this morning that a new Coronavirus strain was detected in Glasgow Scotland. “We suspect a hoax because they tripled the strength of the 1st virus, COVID-19  causing it to morph into COVFEFE-45, a name they use to embarrass the President with”.

The U.K. and Ireland are not on the no-fly list that President Trump had listed on his list. We are investigating why England is exempt.

The patient is a scuba-diving golf-ball retriever named Angus McDougal who travels across the UK searching in the murky ponds to gather up all of the golf balls he can find and selling them back to the clubhouses, mostly owned by Trump Enterprises Inc. L.L.C.

McDougal, who is quarantined in a plastic bubble laughed about his horrific skin condition as being “just bollocks” while comparing his orange shaded skin next to an orange golf ball that he found in a pond of mire.

“This virus makes me look like Trump, but it will magically disappear once it gets warmer. Praise Mr. Trump sees fit double me earnin’s and give this life savin’ bubble, all the Guinness I want and the pretty nurses in their skimpy outfits. I don’t think some of them are actual nurses though.”

Dr. Tubolls showed us the evidence that several thousand cancer-causing windmills were installed extremely close to the President’s Golf Courses in Scotland. The turbines emit cancer rays and kill millions of birds weekly. They need to be taken down immediately if not sooner.

This is very unfair to the President when we all know that it was the Previous Administration and his Deep State tactics that allowed this type of thing to happen. This has to stop! Immediately if not sooner!


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