Whoopi Goldberg is at it again, crying that Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who beat murder charges to her chagrin, ruined her reputation. She says that because Kyle “got away with murder,” that her fans no longer trust her opinions on legal matters.

“They all think I’ve gone too far left. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Goldberg said, “I’ve always been this far left. The fact that a satire site has this kid’s fans so entranced is hilarious. I just don’t even know how to respond anymore.” Rittenhouse’s staunch supporters often share stories of the legal fight between the two, which may or may not always be real.

In one case, a report on the internet confirmed that Rittenhouse was awarded $22 million and an official apology from Goldberg, which turned out to be somewhat less than true, according to no fewer than 48 sources. The story, while not true, could be, and many pray it is true, which makes it acceptable to share, on general principle.

For this particular report, the source that confirmed the report of Whoopi’s unconfirmed statement said they had a note somewhere on what exactly happened and when with a phone number to confirm, but then Stranger Things 4 hit, and the moment was lost. The source does confirm itself as a legitimate source, however, which alleviated the burden of proof.

Let’s Go Brandon!


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