The Arkansas DA who had Vince Foster’s body exhumed last week is missing, according to police in Little Rock County. County prosecutor Joe Barron was supposed to be in court for a deposition Friday, but he missed his appointment. After numerous calls to his home and office, his lawyers grew concerned.

“At this time we have to assume Attorney Barron is missing. We have no further information at this time.” Investigators say they have a standard 6-hour window to wait to see if a ransom request comes in, but they don’t expect it to yield any results.

“We all know what happened here,” said Detective Sanders Batt, “We all know who did this and we all know they’ll probably get away with it.” Batt was probably speaking of Bill and Hillary Clinton. who have long been suspected of having Foster killed. According to official reports, Foster shot himself twice in the back of the head while horseback riding on Martha’s Vineyard.

Police have no leads and no idea if they’ll ever see Barron again. Of the more than 300 people the Clintons have allegedly killed, 286 of them were buried within hours and never autopsied. Foster was no different. He was buried five hours after he died without any kind of ceremony. His family wasn’t even notified until the next day.

That just goes to show what a lifetime friendship with Bill Clinton gets you.



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