Dads in Altoona, Pennsylvania were fed up with hearing about men dressed as women reading to children. To give families an alternative, they put together an anti-grooming storybook time featuring men…dressed like men. And also, clowns.

They’re calling it the Juggalo Reading Hour, and as far as we can tell, the kids love it.

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Several of the dads really got into it, making sure the kids got a fully-immersive experience.

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When all was said and done, not a single child was groomed. Nobody pranced around in a dress provocatively teaching toddlers how to pole dance. Not a single kid left wanting to change their gender.

These dads, in other words, are heroes. Plain and simple.

The issue began when a drag queen story hour started popping up in libraries across the country. Men in dresses, obviously there just to be around children for their perverted fantasies and not to read the book written by a drag queen specifically for children, were performing for kids.

Conservatives immediately flipped out, because if anyone is going to sexualize our children, it’s going to be them. “I just can’t get over why a man would want to read to children,” said a hillbilly from the next town over, “I ain’t never put on a dress, so why should some other man? It’s just not right.”

That’s the mentality on the issue from much of rural America, where dresses are made for women and sheep. Sometimes toy breed dogs. But that’s for a different reason.

Freedom isn’t free if we pay for it with this nonsense, patriots. Make sure if you go see a library reading that the makeup on the person is gender-appropriate. God Bless America.


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