The Democrats are at it again. Knowing that the only way that they will be able to get elected is by cheating, the House of Representatives has just passed a bill specifically crafted to suppress Republican voters in a closed session of Congress.

Voters will need to pass a civics test before they are permitted to vote. Because the made-up foreign interference allegations didn’t stick, they are once again reaching into their bag of tricks to get elected.

Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) explained:

“Look at the climate today. Most liberals are educated and understand our laws and how our system of government is supposed to work. The Republican voters are screeching about fake news and making social media comments in all caps with rampant misspellings. I’ve even seen #TRMUP2920 trending on Twitter! Our bill simply requires passing a civics test before you can vote that is so easy that anyone with a 4th-grade education will pass it.”

Republicans are vehemently opposed to this. As we all know, education is a fancy word used to describe liberal indoctrination. Our Great President is allowed to do whatever he wants to do. The only way they can win is with this type of suppression.

Our Dear Leader loves the poorly educated, who are the most American of all of us. Fortunately, Leader McConnell is expected to never bring this bill up for a vote, which will ensure the integrity of our elections forever.


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