Democrats in Tulsa forced the city to mandate mandatory coronavirus screenings at  BOK Center for Donald Trump’s rally. There were democrat healthcare workers stationed at the entrances of the venue, and they were taking temperatures and ID to be able to enter, which will be forwarded to Medicare.

Democrats believe that these patriotic Trump supporters had to give up their freedom and liberty to save lives, and said if they were willing to take the chance to get infected, they will infect others and any Medicare they get should be canceled.

“This is a health issue, and these people are going to cost us millions of dollars with this garbage,” says liberal nurse Sandy Batt.

Joe Barron, an attendee, said it was his right to be there, and if he wanted to contract a virus and give it to others, that’s also his right as an American. Decked out in MAGA clothing from head to toe, he said he has been there waiting for Trump since Wednesday. It’s been pretty hot in Tulsa, and he didn’t seem concerned with personal hygiene, like most of the attendees.

“If God wants me to catch that ‘Rona and pass it on to family, friends and complete strangers, and even if it results in their deaths, then that’s God’s will! Trump will save us!!”

Many in the healthcare profession were extremely concerned with this rally, stating that thousands will be at risk for infection, calling it a massive super spreader event, something that the Trump disagrees with that. They say the only thing that will be super spread is patriotism and their love for their president.

They hadn’t heard Trump lie to them live and in person for months and they were willing to risk everything for it, including the well being of their loved ones. Trump supporter Benza Lance says, “He’s like Jesus, but orange and obese.”

It just goes to show that nothing will stand in their way of hearing their president. Not a pandemic, common sense or common courtesy. Absolutely nothing.

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