• Dems say Thomas guilty of sedition

  • Claim his wife is a traitor

  • Move could work, say experts

  • Thomas won’t resign, calls impeachment “political theater.”

The Democrats are filing papers to impeach Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for “sedition,” after it came out that his wife, Mellissa McMurtry Thomas, has an opinion of her own and supports Donald trump’s theory that the 2020 election was stolen.

According to Nancy Pelosi, who will prosecute the case personally, Thomas was the sole dissenter on a motion to suppress Trump documents because he’s been “working in concert with enemies of the state to subvert American democracy.”

Those are some big words, patriots, but we got you. What she’s saying is that Clarence Thomas, who may be heavily influenced by his wife, may have ruled to hand Trump the presidency, much the way the court handed George Dubya Bush his run.

The articles go into the House for debate this week. It should be a pretty decent circus.


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