Democrats think they’re going to win and win big in 2020 and they want to make sure they stay in power, and also so the truth about their liberal agenda will not be told.  While liberal Democrats have control of the mainstream media like tv, newspapers, and the internet, conservatives have radio.

Liberals can’t get a foothold in the talk radio market, but they can shoehorn their way in, or simply limit the reach of the radio talkers. Democrats will stop at nothing until the opposition is silenced.

The legislation being proposed will allow major media companies to gobble up as many as four radio stations in one market.

Seeing as the major mainstream media is all liberal, that means major networks like NBC and CNN can buy traditionally conservative radio networks and change them into liberal news outlets, crushing the voices of patriotic conservatives and replacing them with liberal loudmouths and CNN news!

Imagine having opposing voices other than the ones we want to hear! That’s so not fair. And they’re doing it with permission from the government if the Democrats win.

Instead of the level headed Hannity and cancer-ridden Limbaugh, it’ll be more Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper. Hearing them may change the course of elections because old people are easily swayed by anything they hear on the radio.

FCC director Joseph Barron, currently installed under the Trump administration, is worried about what will happen if liberals get control of yet another form of mass media.

“Where will conservatives who can’t think for themselves get their talking points from? Who will take these easily led sheep and make them think everyone but them is bad?”

Barron worries that without the nonstop barrage of conservative bullshit, these people may start acting like humans again.

This has never been done before, well, except for in 1996 when this law was originally passed and conservatives bought up radio markets to squash any opposition talk.

But let’s pretend it’s happening right here and right now and they’re coming to get your radios. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Clutch your pearls. Won’t someone please think about Hannity!!!!!

God bless America!


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