Democrats are getting desperate right now. With the big election coming up in November, they’re really pulling out all of the stops. Now they’re offering incentives to vote against Trump. They’re hoping to defeat the incumbent president who’s Made America Great in November.

The idea was a brainstorm between several democratic senators and liberal PACs. How to get voters to the polls? Give them something that makes them want to go, to cast their votes. They believe this will work, and turn the democratic voters out in a number of which the likes have never been seen before.

As for the legality of this, that is up in the air. They believe it could be along the same lines as jury duty, where jurors receive a small pittance for doing their civic duty. This has never been done before, out in the open, anyway. Could they do this??? Is is right?

Democrats believe removing Donald Trump is paramount in November. They believe it’s the most important thing in the world, even as we face these uncertain times. They believe, correctly, that Donald Trump botched the response to the pandemic and also embarrassing the United States on a daily basis is a bad thing, even as most ignorant red hats think he’s the best thing since bacon. 

Joe Barron says he’s the best thing since sliced bread, but bacon is more popular now, so we are going with bacon.

When asked about the incentive, Democrats were pretty hush-hush about it, saying simply that the incentive is to remove the orange scourge from the White House and bringing America back to the shining beacon it once was, before ignorance and hatred ruled the day. They say the incentive is to actually make America great by removing the one thing that drags it down. They could be correct here.

It’s been an incredibly long 3.5 years in America. An incentive like this could possibly have serious ramifications, like making us proud to be Americans and again and not covering our faces when the moron does something Trumpian. These Democrats will stop at nothing to remove him, including telling the truth.


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