There was nothing normal about it. For more than four full seconds, on live television, Nancy Pelosi’s face looked like she needed immediate medical assistance. Some people say it’s a special effects trick to garner attention for the aging lawmaker, whose reign as Speaker is sure to end in January.

Our site physician, Dr. Joe Barron, says he examined the images and film and believes that they are authentic and that there is something “seriously wrong” with Speaker Pelosi. The Speaker’s office refused our request for comment and referred us once again to their attorneys for some kind of serving of an order of something something.

Previously, Pelosi was found to be drunk in a video that was later discovered to be altered but that most of our readers would swear is true like the Old Testament.

That video, while devastating is no longer available anywhere online, and it looks as though this one has been scrubbed as well.

Oh well. Maybe someday America will get the full truth, but it appears that day won’t be today. The speaker went home after the incident and reportedly drank an entire bottle of Green Label on the taxpayer’s dime.

Somebody should really do something about this woman.


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