Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has instructed his Justice Department to issue the maximum fine allowed by law against the Walt Disney Corporation LLC for violating State Stute 458 section 12 subsection 23, breach of the public trust.

Disney, according to the complaint by the FDOJ, has become a no-confidence partner in the war on pedophiles and no longer appreciates traditional Christian, American values, as they advertised when they applied to have their own internal government.

Florida Attorney General Joe Barron says he signed a warrant to be delivered to the company instructing them to either cease and desist with their woke campaign and pay $1 million in a good faith fine, or persist and pay $60 million, with far more penalties to come.

Disney Executive Vice President Art Tubolls says he’s not sure exactly what policy the state wants them to change. He says they don’t support pedophiles in any way and just because Tucker Carlson said something doesn’t make it real. “we haven’t changed policies in a year,” said the handsome exec, “maybe they’re mad that we don’t like that stupid don’t say gay law? Who knows. It’s Florida. Ronnie wants to design himself a flag and be the next Trump.”

We contacted the DeSantis camp and they confirmed that the governor would be thrilled to be the next cult leader.

God bless America.

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