The Olympics are international, a collection of the finest athletes across the globe, gathered to compete in a host of events to find out who is truly, the best of the best. Every country has it’s hand-picked and brutally-trained army of champions.

Recently, however, as far as the United States is concerned, the spectre of liberal politics and the radical left’s agenda that has been intruding itself upon sports like football, basketball, and synchronized blumpkin hockey, has now reached that world-wide level.

“Machete plays competitive maim-soccer! And also knits.”

It began with Hammer-heaver Gwen Berry, who turned her back during the playing of the national anthem this week in a show if protest over the treatment of people of color by the American justice system. Just afterwards, Olympic shark hurdler Sandy Batt, after walking out for the ceremonies wearing a a Rush “starman” T-shirt, Bermuda shorts, and a “Black Lives Matter” branded blindfold wrapped around her eyes.

Upon viewing the scene, several dozen Fox News watching trumpers were reported to have lost their shit completely, three of whom died of asphyxiation in minutes, while attempting to scream “She hates Americer!” with mouths full of chewing tobacco.

Many on the right feel that protesting during the national anthem somehow insults members of the military, as if the sing were created and intended only for them. Others of the more Trumptarded variety, feel that the only correct form of protesting is to dress like morbidly obese versions of “Rambo”, and violently cosplay the theme of Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime album at the Capitol.

Batt hawked a loogie on Old Glory just to stress her point, and then finished by springing a perfect vault over the mummified corpse of George Washington, landing in a Deadpool-like ready position.  There’s certainly going to be a high bar to beat for our next brave activist!


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