The Covid epidemic was the most debilitating and fundamentally destructive event to the American economy since the Great Depression.  Although it was agreed-upon by right and left alike at the time, the need for help during that trying time was seriously expensive.

Expensive to the point where many feel that the stimulus packages that President Joe Biden released from the beginning of his reign, helped fuel the inflation that we’re all seeing now.  That observance is tantamount to not being able to pay your cable bill because last year you bought an extra beer on Cousin’s Night at the Pig Squealer.

It’s right off the interstate past the 90 junction. Smells like B.O. and rancid pork chops.

It’s well known that conservatives understand how the economy works about the same way that a goldfish understands a butter knife.  Hell, there’s still a large contingent of brain boxes running around who think Covid-19 was a “plandemic.”

The solution to much of this problem is simply to ignore everything conservative dipshits start yammering when the water in the bathtub is 95% cheeto dust.

Unfortunately, there’s the internet, which they’ve all recently discovered, and it carries their plump voices farther than Melania’s slime trail at the beach.

Anyway, Biden just functionally presented another stimulus package in his fictional plan to destroy the world.  What a delight.  Joe Barron.  Sandy Batt.  Joe Konders, Trish Blake, and Snake Plisskin.  These people all agree that it’s bonkers apeshit.

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