“You’ve lost a lifelong fan,” read the note, “I’m beside myself with grief that my hero would call me an A-hole.”

Garth Brooks got a package in the mail last week that he never saw coming. According to a source close to the singer, one of Brooks’ fans sent back an autographed guitar he had saved for more than 10 years to buy with a heartbreaking message for his former idol.

“You’ve lost a lifelong fan,” the note said, “I can’t believe you would do this to me.” The note went on to describe the hurt the man felt over the complete betrayal by his hero.

“I had no choice,” said Joe Barron, the man who sent the guitar back, “he doesn’t care about his fans, so why should we care about him?”

We reached out to Garth, whose representative told us the superstar thought it was hilarious. “Some asshat paid thousands for an autographed guitar, from some private collector, and his answer when he decided he doesn’t like Garth anymore isn’t to sell it. No. This genius sends it to the guy he now hates. He didn’t even bother to break it first.”

According to his website, Brooks thanked the ex-fan and put the guitar up for sale to benefit a trans rights charity.

That one may have backfired, Joe. But good on ya for trying. God Bless America.


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