Women’s NCAA superstar and biological male, Lia Thomas, will be the new face of Disney, according to sources close to the entertainment icon’s public relations department. Thomas, hated by patriotic conservatives for cheating her way to a win in a women’s sport, is a favorite of liberals who love to see anything strange win something.

Disney CEO and ex-child star, Christopher “Bus” Tatroll, says it doesn’t matter that he was Ricky Schroeder’s stand-in on Silver Spoons. He has nothing to do with that “traitor to the cause.”

Disney officially lost its mind yesterday when satirists discovered it’s an easy target for gullible potatriots. With 2021 being a somewhat tough year, stories like these are integral to people covering their mortgage writing nonsense.

With the acquisition of Thomas, Disney now has the ammunition necessary to recruit other major talents like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick.

Why stop there, Disney? Why not go after Bill Cosby and Casey Anthony? Whatever the marketing plan is, it definitely won’t work on real Americans.

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