Shareholders of Walt Disney Incorporated LLC want the CEO, Joe Barron, and all his “wokeness” gone from their business model. To date, the policy has cost the company nearly $3 billion.

According to internal reports from Disney’s Shareholder Reporting and Petitioning Committee, 91 percent of Disney shareholders want the guy in charge of their portfolios being decimated fired, and now.

“We refuse to cater to next to nobody just so the company can appease some liberals in California and New York,” the petition reads, “the American people have made it clear that they want the resorts and all things Disney to revert to 1964.”

The Board of Directors is bound by its charter to take a vote on the issue in the next few days. Sources say the company will seek out a conservative to run the business, ensuring this nonsense never happens again.

The issue began when Disney decided to go woke. Its policies have put children in harm and the American family model in jeopardy. Somehow. Our research team has yet to identify any particular policy other than the company’s resistance to a really silly Florida law about nothing.

Patriots across America are flocking to Dollywood, where they can be free from the tyranny of liberalism.


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