As the Bidens get comfortable settling into their new home for the next eight years, like every other Presidential family, some changes are bound to be made to add an air of calming influence.  Although many of the works of art and decorations are priceless and legendary, some are at times considered “window dressing”, and can be subject to the whims of the residents.

Such is the case with incoming First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. The professional educator’s eye for detail has contributed for some time now with the interior presentation of America’s house, directing the installation of new carpeting in the hallways and bedrooms, and adding a fabric illuminati symbol to the Great Seal in the Oval Office.

She also replaced Reagan with this portrait of Canada’s greatest rulers.

Currently, the good doctor has gone to town with several of the Presidential portraits and busts gathered within, according to Royal Designer Joe Barron, who spoke to us from a vape shop in Dicksville, Michigan.

“Oh, Trump’s portrait was the first thing to go.  And it wasn’t pretty.  I mean, the Doctor removed the ones of Reagan and Nixon right away because she said they had ‘bad energy.’  They’re off to the southern annex.  But Trump’s painting just shot out the rear entrance and smashed against the inside of the dumpster back there like a discarded shit-flavored pop tart.  She definitely doesn’t want that man’s fat face anywhere near what she considers a ‘sacred’ building.  It’s little more than firewood now.”

The portrait of the disgraced former President had been commissioned and painted in 2020 by a Florida artist in exchange for a handy from then-first lady Melania Trump.  It now holds the record for the least amount of time of any painting or artwork spent displayed at the White House.

The previous record was held by this picture of the Jackson Five minus Micheal drawn by a talented dolphin at Sea World.

Out with the old, in with the new, goes the saying, and America needs to move on from the dark days of the Trump Presidency.  It’s a good thing to remove all traces of a traitor from a space for serious and patriotic work.


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