After the Federalist published an op-ed calling for patriotic Americans to cancel their Disney tickets and go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee instead, Dollywood responded with open arms. E#xecutive Vice President Sandy Batt says the park is elated to be the destination of real Americans.

Contrary to what CNN will tell you, Dollywood isn’t some progressive scheme to make the world a better place. While Dolly Parton may be a liberal Democrat, she hasn’t had anything to do with the park in nearly 15 years.

Dollywood says it remains committed to serving the people of the United States and that it will absolutely honor the Disney boycotters. All they need to do is show up and get tickets to Dollywood. Once inside, their Disney tickets will give them front of the line passes, discounts on food, and an extra three hours after everyone else has to leave.

Dollywood says the move will cost them between $400-$600 million, and they don’t care. Take that, liberals. We like Tennessee better anyway.


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