Our president Donald Trump is feeling pumped up after his victorious lap at the Daytona 500 NASCAR race today. After making a spectacular landing in front of a roaring crowd, he made a lap on the race track and gave the command to “START YOUR ENGINES!!”

He settled in to enjoy the race with thousands of adoring fans and couldn’t help but notice how much pride the fans took in their drivers… and the Confederate Battle Flag.

After speaking with fans and seeing a sea of confederate flags and white faces, Donald Trump has started the process of flying the flag at not only the White House, but his own home in Mar-A-Lago, Florida.

“I am now an official Southerner, as you know I am now a permanent resident of Florida after leaving the liberal mess that is New York City” he stated. In front of the crowd, who stank and who had very little teeth, chugging beer and spitting tobacco, he announced his plan to proudly fly the Stars and Bars.

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. He had sided with the protesters in Charlottesville, VA after liberals tried to remove Confederate monuments.

Seriously, how stupid is this.

“This flag represents the best of America, it represents us, not the liberal elites” he said, holding his bought and paid for wife, Melania.

The President is in contact with senate republicans to draw up a bill to make the Confederate flag not only protected, but to fly on Capitol buildings alongside the American Flag.

“People died for that flag, very fine people on both sides of that war, but very fine people died for that flag and we ought to celebrate their sacrifices,” the president said Sunday.

As for the controversy that the flag will bring, Trump simply shrugged it off. “There is nothing racist about that flag,” he said as he was crowned Grand Wizard at the NASCAR event


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