While Twitter and liberals have been demanding that stores pull his product off the shelves and be silenced, Mike Lindell of MyPillow has a huge advantage against them all.

Our greatest President, Donald J Trump. Lindell has been a staunch supporter of Trump, and Trump appreciates his loyalty. Donald Trump is a generous, godly man who always put others first, and this is no different.

As MyPillow’s Mike Lindell defended Donald Trump against the fake news onslaught, stores pulled his pillows off the shelves, Twitter banned him and his company page, and even Newsmax decided they would trash him and throw him off the air.

It looked to be a bad time for MyPillow and Mike Lindell, until an angel swept in and saved him. And that angel was Donald John Trump. Trump simply erased MyPillow’s losses by ordering a lot of product for his hotels.

MyPillow, a highly successful pillow company that sold garbage pillows, was in dire straits. People saw Lindell was a kook and videos started popping up showing the actual pillows and how they were made, and consumers ran screaming from the company, not wanting to be associated with or spend money with a man who was clearly having a mental breakdown and might have relapsed into his old ways. But Donald is there to save the day.

Trump ordered at least 5,000 pillows at a deeply discounted cost to place in his hotels across the world. Joseph Barron, a pillow expert, said Trump ordered them for about .75 a piece, and anyone who stays at one of the hotels and uses one all say the same thing “Trump paid too much.”

Another customer, Vladimir Putin is importing the pillows to put into his prisons as another form of punishment to his inmates.

While people who are too dumb to know say that Lindell is simply a part of the liberal’s cancel culture now, facts are facts. Capitalism has spoken.

Not only do people not want a garbage product, but they also don’t want to do business with a psychopath. It’s bad to have to even touch these uncomfortable pieces of junk, but buying them and supporting a man’s further devolution into insane psychosis is just too much.

God bless America and God bless your pillow!


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