More than 40 former fans of Garth Brooks have joined a class action lawsuit against the country star that alleges he sold them merchandise for years under false pretenses.

Attorney Joe Barron, the lead counsel for the class, says Brooks sent “dozens of emails a month pushing merchandise that supposedly supported conservative causes.” After hearing his call for “inclusiveness,” the fans felt duped and betrayed.

“I have more than $10K worth of Garth Brooks autographed merch,” said longtime fan Hal Jalikakik, “now I find out he supports Planned Parenthood and drag queens.”

Jalikakik’s prize possession, a piece of an uneaten brisket from the time he paid more than $1,000 for backstage passes in San Sebastiano, is now “worthless.”

“You can’t put a price on a savory piece of meat once eaten by one of your heroes,” said Jalikakik, “I would take a little sliver once a year on the anniversary and add it to my coffee. Now I can’t even do that.”

Hal’s story isn’t unique. The fans say their regular routines have been sent into disarray and they’ve all spent a boatload of cash switching gears and following Toby Kieth.

“He’s not anywhere near as talented,” said new fan Art Tubolls, “but he’ll never go woke.” God bless America.

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