First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is an accomplished woman.  Her professorship in English following a former beet farmer with limited speaking ability and her eight years of experience as second lady of the United States make her more than a formidable force in the White House.

Currently, it’s been announced that as her husband Joe Biden, the 46th elected President of America is recuperating from his minor bout with Covid, the good doctor is warming up for her all-star meeting with none other than Pope Francis.

Her meeting with Scott Baio was cancelled after close associates learned that he was Scott Baio.

The pair of political powerhouses haven’t previously palavered, but journalist for the Defense network Joe Barron already has a copy of their syllabus.

“The pontiff, ‘Frankie’ to his friends, intends to start with the full admiration that he has for both of them, and relief that they’re not The Trumps, with whom he shared nothing and intensely disliked.  From there, Mrs. Biden will steer the conversation to English, her area of expertise.”

“Specifically, they’ll wonder how the absolute scumtards who still dick around behind Trump aren’t even intelligent enough to speak their native tongue, and get confused between ‘There’, ‘Their’, and ‘They’re’.  Biden calls them the ‘Dumb-plorables.”

On such a joyous occasion, even the batshit crazy and inherently evil Republicans can’t find much fault.  Of course, so many of them are still concentrating on reading Q drops and washing their pick up trucks with their tongues.


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