Drag queens.  When you think of the term, it probably conjures up images of the popular hit film “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything”, or a myriad of episodes of “Looney Tunes”, where Bugs Bunny disguises himself as a woman.  Hilarious.

Well, not so funny anymore.  In the American age of Trump “conservatives”, DeSantis schizophrenics, and Lindsey Graham fans, drag queens have a new and sinister reputation, as the extreme right wing Republican party does it’s best to slander the slightly different yet again.

What I do, is I just shoot everything that moves. You get lucky sometimes like that.

While actual accredited news agencies like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and AP Newswire have reported no major activity yet, Fox, OAN, and Newsmax corporations have revealed that at a school read-a-long in Queeficane, Pennsylvania, a drag queen, Sanders “Sandy” Batt, has absconded with 6-year old Thomas Tutone, also of Queeficane.

Police tip-lines are open at (800)-867-5309.

Officer Trish Blake gave a run-down of the situation to gathered media sources from the top of the jungle gym.

“The victim, Mr. Tutone, expressed the desire to use the ‘doody room’, according to neighboring citizen Val Gina.  Mr. Or Ms. Batt then offered to escort the child to a nearby closed door labelled ‘Boys’.  That was the last that either of them were seen.  Authorities are now combing the school, except for that room, because none of them are technically ‘boys.'”

It has been three minutes, at press time, since the abduction.  Your help may be vital in cracking this terrible case and bringing this young man back from whatever kinda gay but not experience has befallen him.


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