Special Counsel John Durham found incriminating evidence against a cabal of Democrats, led by none other than Barack Hussein Obama, showing a plot to take the US government by force if President Donald Trump didn’t step down.

In 2018, Hillary Clinton gave the order to “terminate” the Trump threat, with Obama’s personal approval.

Other major players were also present, including Nancy Pelosi, and Liaison to the European Union and Former President of Italy, Joseppi Barron. All told, the entire world was in the arena, with more than 60 percent giving their blessing to “do what’s necessary.”

Luckily, Trump got wind of what was happening. He has people in every nook and cranny in the world and his information network is the best its ever been.

“We upgraded from the last thing to the best. The absolute best,” Trump said, “We’ll know what’s happening within seconds and we could have changed the world with that. What if there were no minutemen? Just second men? That would be more the liking to the better of all of the men, I think, and I know because I know more than the generals.”

It’s been fact-checked and Trump does, in fact, know more than the generals. He found out, moved his base of operations, and had the would-be assassin sent to Gitmo, where she still rots with 9/11 terrorists.

God bless America.


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