It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an article about Kamala Harris.  The dusky and attractive young prosecutor really manages to get the tater’s blood boiling.

We’ll go ahead and couple her with the world weary and infamous inclusion of “Wakanda”, the fictional nation made popular by the “Black Panther” mythos for the guts of this article.  Also, using the word “pray” usually pisses them right off their hoverrounds.

May, at last, you assume control. Amen. Hey, anyone wanna go get Tim Horton’s?

Wakanda has had a rough time of it lately, thanks to the deaths of both their king and hero, and nobody left but females or that mountain tribe guy to fill the Panther’s shoes in the inevitable sequel.  It’s because of these tragic factors that many Wakandans are fleeing to the United States seeking asylum.

Congressional Queef Monitor Sandy Batt has been to the scene with Miss Harris and confers a feeling of peace and solidarity with the Vice President.

“Kamala sat down with the people in the refugee camp and prayed, as they all looked on and laughed.  There are Gods in Wakanda, yes, but they’re rarely prayed to or name-dropped.  Like Beezo the Most Corpulent, who appears as a fat white senior citizen with glasses who complains about the humidity.  Or Ka’Chupa, the magic horse with arms of dildoes.  He actually is pretty cool.”

There is also Mch’Elaine, Lord of Hustle, Flow, and Da Bomp Bomp.

Harris performed a fairly generic prayer, asking for the assembled dieties to care for the well-being of the Wakandans and also fix her car’s air conditioning, which hasn’t worked right since she sideswiped that photomat booth last July.

“I don’t understand why Photomat booths still even exist,” the heartbeat from the Presidency commented.  “Who the hell still uses a camera  and film nowadays?”

Regardless, or to use a word that doesn’t exist, irregardless, The Wakandan pleaders and Harris were eventually all swept away by a street cleaning vehicle.  Services will be held tomorrow at El Torito Mexican Flavor House.  God bless.

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