The NFL has decided to go all-in with the Black Lives Matter people. Rather than spending their own money, however, they’ve ordered that individual teams need to come up with millions of dollars in donations to the cause.

Eleven teams have taken the order one step further. They plan to pass the cost along to their caucasian players to the tune of $500K each. According to a leaked memo from the Dallas Cowboys, for example, each of their 6 white players will split the cost of the $3 million “donation”:

“All six of our white players are expected to offer their version of reparations for being allowed to play in what is essentially a black man’s sport. While we recognize that this move isn’t outwardly fair, we also need to recognize that we pay white players more, so they can more easily afford to shoulder this burden for their black teammates.”

The memo, which couldn’t be confirmed as authentic, tells a chilling tasle from the inside of a sport turned rotten. From “America’s Team” itself.

Jerry Jones wasn’t available for comment, but he told our reporter in the fireld that the move to charge the pigmentally-challenged players on hi team was a financial one:

“If we ask the black players to donate, we’ll be called racists. So we won’t do that. Instead, we’ll charge some good ol’ white boys who made their way into the league the old-fashioned way: they paid someone to take their SATs and skated through college. They’ll be alright.”

More than 37 players on those 11 teams will now be responsible for the $20 million the NFL has offered to Black Lives Matter. The other teams in the league have opted out, since they don’t have the necessary 3 white players on their rosters to force compliance with the new rule.

Time for another boycott, patriots. We need to show these Democrats and their cancel culture how it’s done.

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