Elon Musk wants to sit down with Joe Biden to discuss free speech in America, particularly where it pertains to social media. “When I do own Twitter,” Musk said, “I don’t need the guy standing in the way of letting patriotic Americans speak their mind.”

The typical approach to social media from platforms like Facebook and Twitter has been to censor conservatives while allowing liberals to do and say whatever they want. For example, President Trump is banned from Twitter when Biden is the one lying from the White House about all kinds of things, according to reports.

Musk wants to make sure Biden isn’t going to do something drastic like write some over-reaching executive order declaring what fact-checkers say the truth, or some other nonsense. He will also want assurances from Congress, and most likely his own liaison’s office in the West Wing.

Musk says if Biden doesn’t sit down and have this conversation, he’ll move SpaceX from Texas to Canada and Tesla to Mexico. He also warns that now that he’s got political capital on the right that he could easily start purchasing politicians and lobbyists to make Biden’s life very difficult.

It’s a good thing Elon is an American citizen, patriots. He really knows how this system works.

God bless America.

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